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Welcome to Herefordshire Council OpenData. Here you will find all of our publicly available open data services.

List of our open data services

This site publishes data based on requests made to it and assumes that you have some technical knowledge.

It is not the only source of open data from the council. For more information, see the open data page on the Herefordshire Council website.

We intend to increase the number and usefulness of the services available here.

Notes for people with some technical knowledge

The data is published in HTML and JSON format and is provided with the most open licence available. If you wish to see the raw JSON format in the browser, append a query string of "format=json". The services current obey the "Accept" header for text/html and application/json.

You do not need to authenticate to access the data and there is no API key or similar. We do throttle requests to manage demand on our servers. If this is likely to cause you problems please do contact us.

We aim to publish data under the Open Government Licence but some of the data available on this site is published under more restrictive licence terms. The relevant licence is shown for each service in both the listing page and the service snapshot page.

Just search for the service or browse the list. We've tried to present the services so they are easy to understand and access.

There are many other services we would like to make public but can't at present because of licensing restrictions.

If there are services or datasets that would be useful to you that aren't currently public, please contact us.


All services are at version 1 on 23 October 2014.

If we publish enhancements to services, these will be available as higher version numbers.

If you do not pass a version number, it will return the highest version number available.

We will only remove a service or a version when it becomes impossible or uneconomic to support.

Services or versions that are no longer supported will return "410 Gone".

Notes for people with less technical knowledge

This site publishes data but it does slightly more than that. It allows developers to ask questions of the council and get different answers based on the questions they ask. It also provides the up to date answer.

We think that this might be useful, for example, if a parish council wanted to show on its website all of the potholes currently logged with the council.

More importantly by publishing these services we are allowing other people to decide how they would like to get hold of the data and what they would like to do with it.

Many of the council's web pages get their data from these services. For example the reported defects and potholes map on our website gets data from the Herefordshire highway defects service on this site.

Data provided through the services on this site has an open licence. This means that with very few restrictions, any organisation can do anything with the data.

A lot of the data that we use on the council's website carry additional restrictions, often because we rely on data from the Ordnance Service or Royal Mail. We would like to free our data from these restrictions but that is not easy to do and may take some time. It would help us if we knew which data people would find most useful to open first.

Contact us

We would appreciate any feedback, questions, suggestions or comments.

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